Hearing Care Services

Hearing Care Services

Are you finding that you are not hearing people clearly on the phone or if there is a lot of background noise?

Dixons Opticians is now working in conjunction with local independent company Sound Advice to offer a hearing care service to our customers in Lincoln and Sleaford.

Life Sounds Great With Better Hearing

As we get older, our ability to hear begins to change.

This change in hearing is a gradual process and it takes time for people to become aware of the impact it has on their lives and loved ones.

It is often the case that someone may struggle to hear certain sounds, but still be able to hear others perfectly well.

Some of these situations will be familiar to someone having difficulty with their hearing:

  • Other people tend to mumble when speaking
  • Being told that the television is turned up too loud
  • Group conversations are difficult to follow
  • Having to ask people to repeat themselves
  • Hearing is difficult when there is a lot of background noise, such as on a busy street

Coming to terms with these changes in your hearing can be a daunting experience. However, with the correct help and advice, better hearing is something many people can enjoy.

You should look after your hearing the same way that you do your eyes and teeth.

We recommend an annual hearing check for those over 50 and every other year for those under 50.

Our hearing checks are carried out by a qualified hearing aid dispenser and are the best way to find out if there has been any change in your hearing. 

We can then advise on what steps need to be taken to address these changes.

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5th January 2021

Following the government guidelines we can confirm that as a key service we are able to continue working normally in the coming months. We are therefore continuing to book routine sight tests and contact lens appointments.

We are also available for sales and service for spectacles, although this is on an appointment-only basis until further notice to manage the numbers in practice.

We are working in line with our governing body guidelines and of course following the same Covid protection protocols that have been in place for many months.

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